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When asked at the start of a contract what tasks would be assigned to Advanced Processor Research Ltd.,
a technical research manager familiar with APR's problem solving methods and style replied,
"That's really easy. Anything that doesn't fit in one of my neat little project boxes goes to APR.".

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Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd.) is an Alberta registered corporation established in 1985 as an independent scientific software consulting company and contractor based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As an independent consultant, Advanced Processor Research Ltd. has specialized in high performance computing (HPC). Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd) has demonstrated a special talent for taming novel and non-standard application challenges. Application areas include seismic processing, image processing, graphics, and various novel data management issues.

As an experienced high performance computing (HPC) consultant, Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd) is frequently tasked to create application specific functions and libraries including architecture tuned matrix library functions of the BLAS and LAPACK type, application specialized kernels and efficient intrinsic function evaluation. Analysis and design are custom mapped to the target application platform and programmed in whatever combination of bash, Perl, C++, C, FORTRAN, assembler or microcode is most appropriate. For end use clients, Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd) projects frequently have an important embedded mentoring component.

Being a deeply experienced high performance computing (HPC) consultant, Advanced Processor Research Ltd. (APR Ltd) knows how far to push the envelope and shines at delivering cost effective high performance computing (HPC) solutions for both architectural families and machine classes. APR has successfully contracted in support of application specialist teams in the areas of seismic exploration, digital image processing, visualization, graphics, classification, neural network analysis, computational chemistry, finite element analysis and tailoring math library and intrinsic function evaluation (including FFTs, convolution/correlation) and scientific matrix package functions (like LAPACK and older LINPACK, EISPACK) for specific application areas and hardware environments.

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